We are premier British Council accredited Certified Counsellor for  overseas education , headquartered in the United Kingdom with a branch in Guruvayur, Kerala- India.

Our portfolio of services include admissions consulting, career counselling, profiling, shortlisting of colleges/universities, IELTS preparation, development of competitive applications, financial/scholarship consulting, interview preparation, visa counselling and pre-departure orientation services. We follow the best practices to help individuals and families navigate smoothly through the complex process of migration.

We are student-centric and ultimate gateway to educational opportunities abroad. Higher education system abroad is cross-disciplinary approach,which is an integral part of the learning experience. We help you achieve your dreams and creating an education pathway to your global career.

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Why Degree Overseas Limited

We will help you realise your overseas dream and transform ambitions to reality. Besides providing international exposure within your financial reach, we offer you a career pathway to success. We are sure your future will be redefined with us.

Degree Overseas Limited will broaden your horizon. We help our students to compete in today’s global economy and to meet people from all over the world. An international education will empower students to collaborate with peers from around the world and help their leadership skills.